Teaching craft enthusiasts how to crochet and DIY crafts with very easy-to-follow instructions!

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My name is Bruna, a 26 years old craft enthusiast, the creator behind the YouTube channel Brunaticality where I do crochet and DIY video tutorials with very easy-to-follow instructions. I was just 10 years old when discovered my passion for crochet, sewing, embroidery and knitting, taught by her mother and auntie. At the age of 21, I've discovered YouTube and had a chance to open my channel.

The name Brunaticality came from my first name Bruna and 'ticality' comes from practicality, which I wanted people to learn to crochet following very easy video tutorials, in other words, Brunaticality means 'learning easily with Bruna'. That is why all my videos are very well explained and quite long, hehe. My goal when people are watching my videos is that they leave my video with no questions, that is why I take time to record and explain every single thing even if I have to repeat it again and again. I want to teach people how to crochet just like my Mum and Auntie taught me, with love and patience. I know that a lot of people don't have someone like I did, that's why I am here, to be the person that teaches them the way to crochet with very simple instructions and when they realise they will be crocheting everything they want! I will be their grandmas when they need crochet inspirations, a tap in the back for the hard work or even for advice, I am here for my viewers, that's why I love what I do!

My goal has always been to inspire and teach crochet to those who want to learn a new hobby or to start their own small business. With my video tutorials, as well as learning how to crochet something new and trendy, my viewers can use my designs as a start-up in their shop, therefore they will have their first crochet items so they can start selling straight away as I know how hard it is to create patterns of your own. The purpose of my videos is to keep everyone entertained, relaxed and have a lot of fun with every video I upload.

I have an immense love for what I do and work very hard when planning, recording and editing a new video. I am so thankful for the love my viewers have for what I have created so far, and that's why I give my absolute best in every video I create.

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