The Perfect Handmade Christmas Gift

If you know how to crochet and you want to gift your loved ones this Christmas or in any other special occasion with something handmade and very special. Then this post is just for you.

Scarves and beanies are never out of style or untrendy, there will always be a new style/pattern but they will never be outdated.

What you should know before your create the perfect combo?

- Find out the person's favourite colour/s (green, blue, yellow, brown, pink...)

- Do they prefer light/thick fabrics (this will distinguish the yarn weight)

- The style? (infinity, slouchy beanies, french knot, wrap around...)

You don't need to worry about the steps above, also don't ruin the surprise and ask them, just keep your eyes in the details. If you see them often, have a look on what they are wearing and the colours, if they are always cold or hot, or the type of clothing they wear. This will definetely distingish on how the project will turn out.

The crochet tutorial:

In my channel I have 3 styles. A beanie and two scarves. All of them are very easy to make, if you have created any of my tutorials you already know that I use very easy terms and explanations to make things easy for me and the person watching it.

The beanie:

Super soft and easy to change the colours and pattern. With just a few round rows you have a beanie. I have made this beanie in just 2 hours. I can tell you something, I have created this one for my fiancée and he said that this is the best beanie he ever had, and I was very happy when he said that!

The Infinity Scarf:

This scarf was made to match any outfit, the colour and also the style. With a braided pattern and super easy to create. The infinity scarf is a cosy and warm scarf. This would be the perfect gift for your Grandma, Mum or any other loved ones in your life.

The Wrap Around Scarf:

With a more sophisticated and modern pattern. This scarf is perfect for your male friends or family. It has the perfect length that they can use as a wrap around or french know scarf. I just loved how it turn out with the different colours. This allows you to customise to their favourite colour/s.

Remember that for any of these projects you can change the pattern and colours. The only thing that you will need to follow is how to crochet it, the rest you can use your imagination and make the most out of it.

What do you guys think? Would you give a handmade scarf or beanie as a Christmas gift to your loved ones? - I would :) -

Kisses, Bruna.

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