Essential Crochet Tools For Beginners

Hello my lovely Cutiecalities! In today's post, I want to share with you what I recommend you buying if you are a crochet beginner and all my favourite crochet tools.

When I started crocheting I thought that I needed so many things, and that's not true I have started with only one hook and a large pair of scissors, hehe. After so many years of practice and buying a lot of crochet tools I have now my ultimate favourite tools when I crochet.

5 things you will need if you are a crochet beginner:

When you are a crochet beginner you don't need a lot of tools; when I have started to crochet I only had one hook and a pair of scissors, and I made so many projects with only these two items. Nowadays, you have much more tools and kits that you can buy to help you.

1. HOOKS - 3.5 MM & 4 MM

I would recommend you having a 3.5 mm and a 4 mm hook. These were the ones I have started with and the ones I still love. They are very easy to get used to because of the size and you can use them with a lot of yarn weights.


It's very important that you get used to measuring your projects and your body so you get your projects precised and you can also start making made-to-measure projects.


A small pair of scissors is ideal, this is because you can cut that specific yarn that you want to cut and not your entire project, hehe. Been there, done that!


Having only 2 to begin is what you need. If you know someone that crochet you can ask them, I am sure they will not mind giving you 2, the pack comes with a lot of stitch markers. When I have started I used hair pins and paper clips for a long time before buying actual stitch markers. Be creative!


When you start crocheting you will be making projects in parts so it's very important to have a tapestry needle, you will save a lot of time when sewing your crochet parts together.

Crochet tool kits for beginners that you can buy:

1st option


2nd option


3rd option


My 9 Favourite Crochet Tools


It took me a long time to find the perfect crochet tool case and finally I did. When you are looking for a crochet case you want to make sure that you buy one with small pockets as crochet tools can be very tiny, and you want to make sure you have a safe place for there tiny tools otherwise you can end up losing them.

This case comes as a kit or you can buy only the case itself. It comes with non-slip handle hooks, stitch markers, row counter, plastic yarn/tapestry needles, aluminium stitch holders, scissors, measuring tape and a hook measure ruler.

Buy this product


Buy the case only



There are many different hooks out there so you need to find the perfect one for you. My favourite hooks are the grey ones and the non-slip handle hooks, the ones with silicone on the top, I find both of them very comfortable and you can actually crochet longer with these models.

Buy the grey hooks - Available at Hobbycraft the link is for a 4 mm hook


Buy the non-slip handle hooks - Kit from Amazon


Buy the non-slip handle hooks - My favourite available at Hobbycraft the link is for a 3.5 mm hook



Stitch markers are very useful when you need to mark some stitches down, particularly when working in rounds. When I have started I used to place a stitch marker in my first and last stitch that helped me to distinguish them as I know how hard is to find when you just started crocheting. There are many different types of stitch markers so you will need to find the one that works better for you, my favourite ones are the slip ring and locking stitch markers.

Buy a locking stitch marker


Buy a slip ring stich marker


Buy a stitch holder



Tapestry needles are very important when crocheting projects that are in parts and you need to sew the parts together and also to sew in the ends of your project. Tapestry needles can save you so much time, and I use them all the time when crocheting. There are many sizes and materials so you will need to find the one you prefer, I love the metal and smaller ones.

Buy a tapestry needle kit



These are not as important only if you are working with very thin yarns that can get easily thready at the end or if you are working with needles that the loop is very tiny.

Buy a neddle threader



A row counter will save you a lot of time if you are making a large project and you need to keep on track on the numbers of rows that you are doing.

Buy a row counter



Having a small pair of scissors is very important as it will make your life so much easier when you need to cut a specific yarn in your project. If you travel often and you want to take your crochet kit with you I recommend you having a pair of scissors with a lid cover, it's much safer.

Buy a small metal pair of scissors


Buy a small pair of scissors with a lid cover



A measuring tape is as important as for sewing. If you make made-to-measure projects you will definitely need one. There are many different types of measuring tapes so choose one that works better for you, I love the traditional measuring tapes.

Buy the traditional measuring tape


Buy a retractable measuring tape



This is not as important to have in your kit unless you have older hooks that you need to know the hook size.

Buy a gauge measure ruller


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