Christmas Crochet Tutorial: Santa Claus - Ornament & Garland

The cutest mini crochet Santa Claus face. Don't you think? When I have finished I couldn't wait to hang it in my Christmas Tree 🎄

Having your own Christmas tree ornaments is just the best feeling ever. When you stop and look at the Christmas tree and you know that you have made most of the decorations on it, your heart just melts and you get amazing emotions. That is why I love crochet, everytime I create a new project I know that I have all my love into every and each little piece of work I do.

Now, let's stop and think, wait let me add here a zoom out picture so you know what I am talking about, haha.

Okay, much better now! Can you see how vivid and full of life the tree is? With a hint of love made by you with your own hands, and it's not only this. With today's modernity, Christmas trees, home decorations and even ornaments are pre-made, with lights already attached or even ornaments, where is all that love? Getting everyone together and set up that amazing Christmas tree, and you know one more thing? You can do all by your self, DIYing everything with your own criativity and having a lot of fun and you can have the help of your entire family.

So don't worry, if you have ideas that you want to create this Christmas, do it! And show the world you're the best! Also, you can let me know and I will help you to come with some ideas and you will have an amazing Christmas Spirit in your house and on the inside too. I will also have some more videos coming up soon so be prepared to start your Christmas DIYs.

🎄 Happy Holidays 🎄

Video tutorial:

P.S. I feel much better now, having my website to open my heart with you all and express myself. Thank you!

Be happy ❤️

Bruna xx

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