Amazing Christmas Wreath For Under £1o or £15! You choose!

Link for the tutorial:

Hello Cutiecalities! I am so amazed on how my wreath turned out! And guess what? It was only £15! As I wasn't happy enough with the price I made some more research and I found a much cheaper option for only £10! So if you are intesrested check below:

The £10 Wreath!

All the items are from Poundland - unfortunatelly they don't have all the items online so you have to check out your nearest store! I found everything in the list below, and believe me it was not diffenrent from other stores! Check out their website:

Wreath £2 - Poundland

Large Baubles FREE (recycled from Christmas tree)

Tiny baubles £1 - Poundland

Twine £1 - Poundland

Pine cones £1 - Poundland

Fairy Lights £1 - Poundland

Bow £1 - Poundland

Yarns 3 for £2 - Poundland


The £15 Wreath!

Wreath £5 - Hobbycraft

Large Baubles FREE (recycled from Christmas tree)

Tiny baubles FREE (from last year's tree)

Twine £1 - Poundland

Pine cones £2 - Tesco

Fairy Lights £3 - Lidl

Bow £2 - Hobbycraft

Yarns 3 for £2 (the ones in my tutorial was a bit more, but they are the same as the ones from Poundland) - Hobbycraft or Poundland

TOTAL: £15

Here are the links for some of the items:

Some of the items I could not find online so I have some other options for you guys!




Recycle from last year




Pine cones:



Fairy Lights:

£2.50 Wilko







3 for £2

I hope you all enjoyed and share with me all your creations!

Happy Holidays My Cutiecalities!

Bruna xx


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